Thursday, November 8, 2007

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This blog was a short blog but it had alot of meaning to me. It was about a mother whose child of three-years-old starved to death. The doctor said the child was severly dehydrated and was starving. I was very mad when I read this. When you get graced with a bautiful new human life that will make an imprint on other lives, you should care about it and take care of your kid. I am disgusted at he mom who let her child die of starvation. It just hurts me to know she would do that. Another horrible thing was they wouldn't feed the child and on top of that they beat her. The girl's already weak and you beat her?! It's horrible that someone can be that low of a person!! A three year old that can barely walk and is just beginning their life has suffered more than most 40-50 year olds. My aunt has a five year old and a seven year old. They both need alot of attenton and love from their parents. I can't understand how someone could basically hate A THREE YEAR OLD so much to not feed them and beat them sensless. As a young boy my dad was beat by his grandpa until he couldn't stand up straight anymore. So, whenever I hear of someone getting beat it hurts me because I know the pain my dad went through, not from personal experience, but from the sories he tells me. I thank god everyday for him still being alive, I knwo hat sounds extreme but it's the truth he was beat senseless and it was horrible the way he was treated. I ask you this How could someone be so careless and NOT FEED THEIR CHILD to a poinbt that it dies? Who could be so cruel?

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Broomfield man admits having drug-porn sleepovers for boys
I read an article about a man who had 13 year-old boys over to his house to spend the night, drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, and watch porn. The first thing that came to my mind was where were the parents? How did these children's parents not know what they were doing? If I was a mom I would make sure I knew where my kid was at all times. This shows the lack of love and attention towards children these days. It's sad to think how fast life is going by though. How one second you are pooping in the sand box and the next you are lying to your mom and going out and drinking. What happened to the morals? Kids always say I will never do anything bad I will stay a good kid, and as soon as you know it your out in the real world doing things un-imaginable at a young age. This reminded me about the seminar we had in class because we talked about the things people are getting into and how decisions and choices have changed. How middle schoolers are getting condoms and birth control because more than 5 girls have gotten prenant. It's ridiculous! I'm not saying I haven't done anything bad that I sometimes wish I hadn't done, but nothing this outrageous. I think it's horrible that these kids in this article were willing to go to this guys house and do horrible things with them. A guy so sick to even think that would be fun or good or whatever he was thinking. You have to be truly sick in the head to do something like this it's disgusting.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mexicans should have the rights Americans have...

Students march in Denver for DREAM Act
This article was about around 150 legal aliens (they are miners and were brought into the U.S. illegally at a young age) marched and tryed to enforce a bill to let them get a good education and become citizens.Im glad there was a protest because someone needs to take a stand and say what they believe. This country would be nothing without the mexican immigrants. Some immigrants have lived here for twenty years, payed taxes, and had children then were deported. Their children weren't aloud to back with them because they didn't have passports and weren't legal over there. SO these poor families children were sent to random child care and foster homes to be raised by complete strangers when their parents were fighting to get them back. I remember seeing a movie called," A day without a mexican." Kind of discriminating but it made a very good point. Mexicans are a huge part of society today and are also a majority of the population. Being mexiacn I am proud of my backround and the hard work each one of us does and to be pushed to a limit that we arn't even welcome here even though we do more work, pay more taxes and sweat for our paychecks then the lazy american that lives next door. My dad works with Mexicans and is actually a manager for the Mexican department at freeway ford, and everyday he gets people in that can't buy a truck or a car because they are not legal even though they are high class and make more money then half of the state. My dad told me a story about a family who is from the mexican decent and that came in and told my dad the harsh discrimination their very own neighborhood does to them. My dad told me that these people were living in a very high class house and was in a very rich neighborhood, but was still looked down on and yelled at for bd reasons. The guy's own children couldn't play at the park because the other children in the neighborhood would put them down and make them feel inferior then they were. It angers me to know that mexicans are discriminated so much but makes me happy to hear hundreds of people are putting their foot down and starting to protest.

Physical Education is a good thing...

Did You Know? - PE Version
I think this video done by one of Fisch's students about how imprtant physical education is, is a very good thing for people to realize. Being physically fit doesn't just help your body stay healthy but it helps your brain stay healthy. It sad to hear that thee is a decrease in physical activity as kids age. I think that if a kid doesn't start there life healthy and in physically fit they can only get worse and later in life if they want to become physically fit it will be alot harder for them to reach that goal. I know for a fact when your more active you feel better about your self and it increases self confidence, which is lacking in many teens today. Some schools are decreasing the time spent on physically education and even eliminating it entirely. Some kids only get their physical fitness at school, so if schools take that away what are they going to do? Some schools even were forced to spend more effort and time on academics and cut the physical education all together. Diabetes can also be created with lack of excercise. It also said physical activity can prevent and even make people with Type 2 diabetes not have diabetes anymore. I was sadden by this because recently my friend got diagnost with Type 1 diabetes, which is a hereditary diabetes and she will be stuck with it for the rest of her life. She now has to carry a a little device around that certain times in the day she has to take it out and measure her sugar level. Now she has to monitor even more carefully what she eats and how much of each item she eats. In a way this will make her healthier because she will have a well balanced meal every meal but itt must be hard having such an enormous life changing experience. I wished there was someway to help her. In the video physical activity can help get rid of diabities for the people who have ype 2. But fo my friend she has to suffer through it the rest of her life.Also, our country has had an obesity epidemic that is crossing the country and causing more heart attacks, cardiovascular disease and even overweight children under the age of 8. Mianly I think it is the parents fault for allowing their kids to reach an obesity level. Us kids no better but our eyes are bigger than our stomachs.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"I was hungry.... So tried to drive to Applebee's."

6-year-old boy says he won't drive to applebee's again
This article is about a boy who was hungry so he decided to drive to Applebee's. After reading this article I had uncontrollable laughing for around twenty minutes. It just shocked me to know he would even attempt something like that when he cant even see over the wheel and reach the pedals at the same time. I blame the grandmother for not paying any attention to this six-year-old boy.With supervision this accident could have been prevented, thankfully nothing horrible happened. Although no one was injured there still could have been very bad outcomes of this situation. When I read this story it reminded me of my cousin who is also six years old and how some of his ideas and enjoyments get the best of him and he does wacky things. He enjoys dipping his oreos in orange gatorade. (I tried it and I don't recommend it.) This story describes and can be related to most, if not all, six-year-olds around the world.

Wireless benefiets and understanding other cultures

Two steps forward: Pangea day
This blog was about how our school will have a wireless network and we will have access to it no matter where we are in the school. It will allow us to bring in our laptops, palm pilots, and iphones and be connected to the internet. I think this is a great idea and might have some areas that need fine tuning but overall will be a great thing for our school.This will also help because we won't have to wait for a computer in the library we can have access to it all over the school.

At the end of this blog it shows a video and describes a remarkable event that happens May tenth of next year and carries on in the internet. Pangea Day. We can share videos with everyone around the world and see from everyone else's points of view what they see and encounter each day. It will be a great way to relate and understand other countries and other cultures. This reminded me of when my mom and I had an argument. She said being a mother and working full-time is hard thing to do and I couldn't last one day in her shoes. I argued back saying it would be easier then what I do everyday and that she could never live in my shoes for a day because of all the things i have to go through. After cooling off I realized I wouldn't know if I could handle what she does everyday unless I see it from her point of view. I related this to the millions of people all over the world because I take advantage of my advantages and I don't really think about how hard someone else's life could be and I think their lives can't be that bad, when in all actuality they are worse then I could ever imagine.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'll be the first to postpone the innevitable

Thought For The Day 7-16-07 - Karl Fisch
The day will come when death will be upon us. But can we make that day further and further away? Is there some sort of action or thing we should be doing to make our death day more prolonged? My dad use to tell me you live as many years as you help someone. As a little kid I would deny it and disagree with him, but looking back at his advice I now agree. Helping people will hold your spirits higher and keep you going longer. I know what I might be saying is unfathomable but I believe your life can go longer than intended with a few things here and there. There will come a time when I will have to pass away and leave everything behind, but I think I can make that day so far away people will deny me living that long. Dieing is not just your heart stop beating, it's your mind starting to not think anymore or you trying to not learn anymore. My death day will be postponed.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Karma is real...... even if it takes a decade or two

Killer: 'If I had it to do over ... '
A convicted killer escaped a Colorado jail 32 years ago and now just got caught living it up in Nevada with a new family, a new identity, and basically a new life. This is horrible, this man has been living free for 32 entire years and authorities failed to realize he was a community members. I ealize it was in a different state, but from what I read there is no sign of effort into finding this man. After getting caught he then denies the fact him murdering Michael Lucas was entirely his fault. If this man could get away with this who knows who could be out there? Our very owns relatives could be someone entirely different then they say they are. It frightens me knowing a murder could be running around like he/she did nothing wrong. Police authorites need to make sure they have all of their convicts where they need to be.In the article they describe the man as "walking away froma correctional facility". He might not have literally walked away from there but the way its described, it seems he put no effort into his escape. O.J. Simpson murdered his wife but was determined not guilty. After his trial he goes and writes a book about how he would have killed her wife if he did do it. It's digusting what the world has come to. The danger we could all be in. Ted Bundy murdered 40 young women in around a dozen different states and escaped jail twice! It's awful knowing a killercould be living next door, or the people I value most could be hisding a history from me that would change my perspective on them entirely if I knew. How many people have escaped and are running wild and free? I am scared and I think we should all be aware of things that are happenning around us.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

No, I didn't know.

Did you know? This short clip was full of information I had never thought I would ever think would happen especially in my life time. In 50-60 years computers could have equal to or more than the intelligence of human being. In around 10 years China would be the number english speaking country in the world. It amazes me knowing that these things are bound to happen, and hat I will get to see them happen. Where does that put me though? When I am out of school and starting a family will I not be caught up with with the technology? Will computers be strong enough to have ruling over us? As crazy as it sounds I think it will happen I think one day the world will be run by computers. The only type of transportation will be hover cars or jet packs. It's crazy to think what the future has in store for us. There's a show on disney channel about a boy and his family who's from the future. For a vacation they travel back in time when suddenly there time machine breaks and they have to live their lives in the past, which for us is the present. I think that this show has a little taste of what the future might be like. A simple vacation will be going back to visit the cavemen, or eating chicken legs at the round table with a king. The future has so many possibilities and its up to us to advance things beyond our wildest beliefs.

Unfair- it's part of our history.

Last call for Drive-In theater. The Cinderella Twin Drive-in theater is going to be torn down and replaced by apartment complexes. I can remember going there when I was younger and being up until two or three in the morning watching movies on a screen that I thought was the biggest screen in the entire world. I would beg my parents every weekend to go to the drive-in, this was a huge thing for me. It holds so many of my memories and i'll never forget it. I honestly think it's the worst idea to even think about replacing this magnificent place with apartments that are already all over Colorado. These types of theaters are rare there are only two in the entire state of Colorado. In the article even the owner doesn't want to let it go but complains that the money he could get is the reason he must sell it. I think someone should start a protest or get out there and stop this idiodic idea of building EVEN MORE apartments. The Drive-in has a special spot in many people's hearts and always will. It holds memories, experiences, laughs, and even some romances. It is completely selfish to tear it down. Even when I talk to my dad about them replacing it, he frowns and tells me stories of his memories he had there. 2-3 generations have experiened this great place, why stop there I want to be able to take my grandkids and start a whole new generation of memories. Why does greed have to overcome whats right? In 7th grade I read a book called "Hoot", by Carl Hiaasen. It's a story of how three kids save a pancake house and the many burrowing owls that live beneath it from being demolished. I think someone should do that for our Drive-In. Someone should make a stand and help the owner realize it's wrong to replace laughter, memories and love with greed and money. This shouldn't be demolished even though its to late to do something about it I will always remember it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What is happening?

I watched a video on "Florida campus cops on leave after taser incident." After watching this video I was very outraged at the way these cops handled this situation. Andrew Meyer is a student at Florida state and has the same rights all americans have. He has freedom of speech. By tasering him he lost that right. This student did absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn't have been punished the way he was. Andrew has the right to stand up for what he believes in and say what he feels. In no way was what he did, harmful to anybody around him. I can see if he started to get violent or cussing, and screaming with no purpose then tasering would have been an understandable option. But solely just expressing your thoughts and concerns should not be punished. This made me want to write a letter of some sort to president Bush and explain my feelings, but Id probably get tasered.

This goes to show you how bad Americans have become. We are not thinking before we act. We are doing things that we know sooner or later we will regret. I ask you this, what has happened? I watched this video a few times to see if my perspective would change, it never did. Mr. Meyer has every right to tell Sen. John Kerry what he thinks. He knew he had the freedom of speech, if he didn't have it he most likely would have not done this.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Good or bad? Education is needed.

I read "GOAL: Change how kids learn." by Karl Fisch. I think this is a strong piece because it shows that people are out there working and changing the way kids learn. People all over the world are sending money to help and something is getting done. These kids look greatful to be able to have their very own lap top. They are going step by step to making their education the best. They want these kids to be curious with these computers and explore the different things these computers can do. They are planning to send another 100 million this year. I kind of dont like that they are giving each kid their very own lap top because there are also kids in that same area that haven't eaten in days. Yes, it is a great way to start bringing up their intelligence and show them different ways to explore things but should this really be the top of people's priorities. It may not be but it seems to me it is. I love the way they are helping underprivaleged kids but the ones that arn't eating should be taken care of before they get a lap top. Even though I argued against the logic of the lap tops I really do like the idea of them being able to expand their minds through their very own laptops.This is going to make so many kids happy and will be one more step closer to having a higher test score or higher intelligence level in that area.

The U.S. has everything it needs and more. I think we should become more active with helping the people that are less fortunate then our own. We have strong educations and are able to go to a stable and dominate school each day. Most take it for granted. We shouldn't, we should all realize that not to far away kids younger than us are working to feed their family. The U.S. helps and sends help, money, and food but not everyone is aware of the disadvantages other places have. Education is the main key of being successful. WIthout education I wouldnt't get anywhere and netiher would anyone else I know. The U.S. should get going and start helping more and more eachday. We might already be helping alot, but I dont see it. People are more concerned about buying the designer clothes or that expensive car, etc. We all take education for advantage. We dont even notice how big of an aspect it is in our lives.