Thursday, October 25, 2007

Physical Education is a good thing...

Did You Know? - PE Version
I think this video done by one of Fisch's students about how imprtant physical education is, is a very good thing for people to realize. Being physically fit doesn't just help your body stay healthy but it helps your brain stay healthy. It sad to hear that thee is a decrease in physical activity as kids age. I think that if a kid doesn't start there life healthy and in physically fit they can only get worse and later in life if they want to become physically fit it will be alot harder for them to reach that goal. I know for a fact when your more active you feel better about your self and it increases self confidence, which is lacking in many teens today. Some schools are decreasing the time spent on physically education and even eliminating it entirely. Some kids only get their physical fitness at school, so if schools take that away what are they going to do? Some schools even were forced to spend more effort and time on academics and cut the physical education all together. Diabetes can also be created with lack of excercise. It also said physical activity can prevent and even make people with Type 2 diabetes not have diabetes anymore. I was sadden by this because recently my friend got diagnost with Type 1 diabetes, which is a hereditary diabetes and she will be stuck with it for the rest of her life. She now has to carry a a little device around that certain times in the day she has to take it out and measure her sugar level. Now she has to monitor even more carefully what she eats and how much of each item she eats. In a way this will make her healthier because she will have a well balanced meal every meal but itt must be hard having such an enormous life changing experience. I wished there was someway to help her. In the video physical activity can help get rid of diabities for the people who have ype 2. But fo my friend she has to suffer through it the rest of her life.Also, our country has had an obesity epidemic that is crossing the country and causing more heart attacks, cardiovascular disease and even overweight children under the age of 8. Mianly I think it is the parents fault for allowing their kids to reach an obesity level. Us kids no better but our eyes are bigger than our stomachs.

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