Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mexicans should have the rights Americans have...

Students march in Denver for DREAM Act
This article was about around 150 legal aliens (they are miners and were brought into the U.S. illegally at a young age) marched and tryed to enforce a bill to let them get a good education and become citizens.Im glad there was a protest because someone needs to take a stand and say what they believe. This country would be nothing without the mexican immigrants. Some immigrants have lived here for twenty years, payed taxes, and had children then were deported. Their children weren't aloud to back with them because they didn't have passports and weren't legal over there. SO these poor families children were sent to random child care and foster homes to be raised by complete strangers when their parents were fighting to get them back. I remember seeing a movie called," A day without a mexican." Kind of discriminating but it made a very good point. Mexicans are a huge part of society today and are also a majority of the population. Being mexiacn I am proud of my backround and the hard work each one of us does and to be pushed to a limit that we arn't even welcome here even though we do more work, pay more taxes and sweat for our paychecks then the lazy american that lives next door. My dad works with Mexicans and is actually a manager for the Mexican department at freeway ford, and everyday he gets people in that can't buy a truck or a car because they are not legal even though they are high class and make more money then half of the state. My dad told me a story about a family who is from the mexican decent and that came in and told my dad the harsh discrimination their very own neighborhood does to them. My dad told me that these people were living in a very high class house and was in a very rich neighborhood, but was still looked down on and yelled at for bd reasons. The guy's own children couldn't play at the park because the other children in the neighborhood would put them down and make them feel inferior then they were. It angers me to know that mexicans are discriminated so much but makes me happy to hear hundreds of people are putting their foot down and starting to protest.

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