Thursday, September 27, 2007

No, I didn't know.

Did you know? This short clip was full of information I had never thought I would ever think would happen especially in my life time. In 50-60 years computers could have equal to or more than the intelligence of human being. In around 10 years China would be the number english speaking country in the world. It amazes me knowing that these things are bound to happen, and hat I will get to see them happen. Where does that put me though? When I am out of school and starting a family will I not be caught up with with the technology? Will computers be strong enough to have ruling over us? As crazy as it sounds I think it will happen I think one day the world will be run by computers. The only type of transportation will be hover cars or jet packs. It's crazy to think what the future has in store for us. There's a show on disney channel about a boy and his family who's from the future. For a vacation they travel back in time when suddenly there time machine breaks and they have to live their lives in the past, which for us is the present. I think that this show has a little taste of what the future might be like. A simple vacation will be going back to visit the cavemen, or eating chicken legs at the round table with a king. The future has so many possibilities and its up to us to advance things beyond our wildest beliefs.

Unfair- it's part of our history.

Last call for Drive-In theater. The Cinderella Twin Drive-in theater is going to be torn down and replaced by apartment complexes. I can remember going there when I was younger and being up until two or three in the morning watching movies on a screen that I thought was the biggest screen in the entire world. I would beg my parents every weekend to go to the drive-in, this was a huge thing for me. It holds so many of my memories and i'll never forget it. I honestly think it's the worst idea to even think about replacing this magnificent place with apartments that are already all over Colorado. These types of theaters are rare there are only two in the entire state of Colorado. In the article even the owner doesn't want to let it go but complains that the money he could get is the reason he must sell it. I think someone should start a protest or get out there and stop this idiodic idea of building EVEN MORE apartments. The Drive-in has a special spot in many people's hearts and always will. It holds memories, experiences, laughs, and even some romances. It is completely selfish to tear it down. Even when I talk to my dad about them replacing it, he frowns and tells me stories of his memories he had there. 2-3 generations have experiened this great place, why stop there I want to be able to take my grandkids and start a whole new generation of memories. Why does greed have to overcome whats right? In 7th grade I read a book called "Hoot", by Carl Hiaasen. It's a story of how three kids save a pancake house and the many burrowing owls that live beneath it from being demolished. I think someone should do that for our Drive-In. Someone should make a stand and help the owner realize it's wrong to replace laughter, memories and love with greed and money. This shouldn't be demolished even though its to late to do something about it I will always remember it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What is happening?

I watched a video on "Florida campus cops on leave after taser incident." After watching this video I was very outraged at the way these cops handled this situation. Andrew Meyer is a student at Florida state and has the same rights all americans have. He has freedom of speech. By tasering him he lost that right. This student did absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn't have been punished the way he was. Andrew has the right to stand up for what he believes in and say what he feels. In no way was what he did, harmful to anybody around him. I can see if he started to get violent or cussing, and screaming with no purpose then tasering would have been an understandable option. But solely just expressing your thoughts and concerns should not be punished. This made me want to write a letter of some sort to president Bush and explain my feelings, but Id probably get tasered.

This goes to show you how bad Americans have become. We are not thinking before we act. We are doing things that we know sooner or later we will regret. I ask you this, what has happened? I watched this video a few times to see if my perspective would change, it never did. Mr. Meyer has every right to tell Sen. John Kerry what he thinks. He knew he had the freedom of speech, if he didn't have it he most likely would have not done this.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Good or bad? Education is needed.

I read "GOAL: Change how kids learn." by Karl Fisch. I think this is a strong piece because it shows that people are out there working and changing the way kids learn. People all over the world are sending money to help and something is getting done. These kids look greatful to be able to have their very own lap top. They are going step by step to making their education the best. They want these kids to be curious with these computers and explore the different things these computers can do. They are planning to send another 100 million this year. I kind of dont like that they are giving each kid their very own lap top because there are also kids in that same area that haven't eaten in days. Yes, it is a great way to start bringing up their intelligence and show them different ways to explore things but should this really be the top of people's priorities. It may not be but it seems to me it is. I love the way they are helping underprivaleged kids but the ones that arn't eating should be taken care of before they get a lap top. Even though I argued against the logic of the lap tops I really do like the idea of them being able to expand their minds through their very own laptops.This is going to make so many kids happy and will be one more step closer to having a higher test score or higher intelligence level in that area.

The U.S. has everything it needs and more. I think we should become more active with helping the people that are less fortunate then our own. We have strong educations and are able to go to a stable and dominate school each day. Most take it for granted. We shouldn't, we should all realize that not to far away kids younger than us are working to feed their family. The U.S. helps and sends help, money, and food but not everyone is aware of the disadvantages other places have. Education is the main key of being successful. WIthout education I wouldnt't get anywhere and netiher would anyone else I know. The U.S. should get going and start helping more and more eachday. We might already be helping alot, but I dont see it. People are more concerned about buying the designer clothes or that expensive car, etc. We all take education for advantage. We dont even notice how big of an aspect it is in our lives.