Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wireless benefiets and understanding other cultures

Two steps forward: Pangea day
This blog was about how our school will have a wireless network and we will have access to it no matter where we are in the school. It will allow us to bring in our laptops, palm pilots, and iphones and be connected to the internet. I think this is a great idea and might have some areas that need fine tuning but overall will be a great thing for our school.This will also help because we won't have to wait for a computer in the library we can have access to it all over the school.

At the end of this blog it shows a video and describes a remarkable event that happens May tenth of next year and carries on in the internet. Pangea Day. We can share videos with everyone around the world and see from everyone else's points of view what they see and encounter each day. It will be a great way to relate and understand other countries and other cultures. This reminded me of when my mom and I had an argument. She said being a mother and working full-time is hard thing to do and I couldn't last one day in her shoes. I argued back saying it would be easier then what I do everyday and that she could never live in my shoes for a day because of all the things i have to go through. After cooling off I realized I wouldn't know if I could handle what she does everyday unless I see it from her point of view. I related this to the millions of people all over the world because I take advantage of my advantages and I don't really think about how hard someone else's life could be and I think their lives can't be that bad, when in all actuality they are worse then I could ever imagine.

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