Thursday, November 8, 2007

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This blog was a short blog but it had alot of meaning to me. It was about a mother whose child of three-years-old starved to death. The doctor said the child was severly dehydrated and was starving. I was very mad when I read this. When you get graced with a bautiful new human life that will make an imprint on other lives, you should care about it and take care of your kid. I am disgusted at he mom who let her child die of starvation. It just hurts me to know she would do that. Another horrible thing was they wouldn't feed the child and on top of that they beat her. The girl's already weak and you beat her?! It's horrible that someone can be that low of a person!! A three year old that can barely walk and is just beginning their life has suffered more than most 40-50 year olds. My aunt has a five year old and a seven year old. They both need alot of attenton and love from their parents. I can't understand how someone could basically hate A THREE YEAR OLD so much to not feed them and beat them sensless. As a young boy my dad was beat by his grandpa until he couldn't stand up straight anymore. So, whenever I hear of someone getting beat it hurts me because I know the pain my dad went through, not from personal experience, but from the sories he tells me. I thank god everyday for him still being alive, I knwo hat sounds extreme but it's the truth he was beat senseless and it was horrible the way he was treated. I ask you this How could someone be so careless and NOT FEED THEIR CHILD to a poinbt that it dies? Who could be so cruel?

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Austin G. said...

I agree along every line with you sami. I think that if you bring someone into the world you are saying that you are going to take care of them and make their life as good as possible. I think that it is possible to beat someone like this because maybe the mother was beathen and was abboned by her parents. I don't know why you would do this at all it is so senseless!!!!!!